Chamber of Commerce and Industry Beltsy Affiliate fulfills the following functions:
●   search of partners for economic cooperation and contributes to establishment of external economic relations;

  • organizes and keeps according to acting legislation, the non-state trade register of its members;
  • perform analyses, provides information and render services to public bodies regarding creation and adoption of normative acts related to development of the economy of the Republic of Moldova;
  • represents interests of its members in relations to public administrations, to foreign trade chambers and other international organizations, issues certificates of goods origin, establishes and confirms events of force – majeure in relations between business and economic agents;
  • perform expertise services in industry and trade areas, of goods according quality and quantity, including raw materials and equipment, render other specific services.
  • Publish periodicals of economic and commercial character, publish information newsletters on general economy issues, brochures, catalogs, brochures, etc.;
  • organizes meetings and establishes business contacts between economic agents;
  • organizes exhibitions, fairs, business conferences and other events related to activity of its members in the country and abroad;
  • organizes further training courses for entrepreneurs, provide legal services;
  • render translation services in various languages;
  • contributes to development of external economic activity and to exports of goods, works and services.
  • cooperates with the chambers of commerce and industry of other countries and its representatives in the Republic of Moldova;
  • develops economic missions of business people abroad, extending thus economic relations with other countries;
  • contributes to establishment of business contacts and negotiations between its members and foreign companies and organizations with goal to conclude commercial transactions;
  • performs other functions taking into account the world practice activities of the chambers of commerce and industry and the provisions of the International agreements to which the Republic of Moldova is a part.

For the rendered services the Chamber charges fees, according to the tariffs approved by the Executive Bureau provided by (art. 23 of the Law no. 393-XIV of the Republic of Moldova about the Chamber of Commerce and Industry  pushed  in May 13.1999).