Exhibition activities

In order to promote and support domestic producers, to extend local and foreign markets, the exhibitions are the main activity of the Affiliate among its the priority directions. During 2017 year, the Beltsy Affiliate in cooperation with Beltsy City Hall, Slingerei, Falesti, Riscani and Glodeni APL and the economic agents have accepted the co – organizers: Joint St. Co. “Moldagrotehnica”, BC “Moldova – Agroindbank” SA, ICS KNAUF – Ghips Ltd, FPC Numina Ltd, Polimobil Ltd, Joint Venture Fashion Group Ltd, manifesting a permanent care for development of small and medium business in the region, have organized 17 exhibitions, including 8 – specialized and 9 – universal ones): “Agroteh”, “Food Expo “; “Pro Casa”, “Ambient – Info”; “Spring in Beltsy”; “Spring in Singerei”; “Spring in Falesti”; “Festival of beer and soft drinks”; “Summer Fair”; “Autumn in Riscani”; “Consum Expo”; “Autumn in Glodeni”; “Christmas Gifts” and specialized showrooms “Martisor”; “Gurman”, “Casa de Vis” specialized furniture salon.

The total exhibition area in 2017 amounted to about 5300 sq. m., and took part on it about 700 economic agents from different places of our country: Chisinau and Balti municipalities, from districts of Singerei, Glodeni, Falesti, Riscani, Edinet, Ungheni, Ialoveni, Ceadir-Lunga, Comrat, Rezina, Ribnita, Calarasi, Nisporeni, etc. The exhibition activities were free of charge for Moldavian craftsmen of Beltsy municipality in order to promote and develop the craftsmanship, as well as for the municipal “SOTIS” Family Crisis Center and the Children’s Creation Center “M. Blanc”.

All exhibitions were assisted by a generous program specific to its character development, round tables, seminars, workshops and presentations.